Unfortunately, she discovered what Terumi's future plans were, for which he supposedly killed her. Mai Natsume (マイ=ナツメ) is the protagonist of the two mangas Remix Heart and Variable Heart, two side-stories in Chrono Phantasma Extend, and introduced as a playable character in the console version of Central Fiction. The story is set in December of 2199, when the streets are full of anticipation for the end of the year and the start of the new one. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Live Act main … Torakaka (トラカカ) is a warrior of the Kaka clan. Konoe A. Mercury (コノエ=A=マーキュリ, Konoe Ē Mākyurī), more commonly known by the alias Nine (ナイン, Nain), is a witch and one of the Six Heroes. BlazBlue Alter Memory is a 2013 anime series which premiered in Japan on October 8, 2013. Ragna the Bloodedge. "BlazBlue Alter Memory Anime's Story, Cast, Staff Revealed", "BlazBlue Alter Memory Anime's Promo Streamed", "Funimation to Stream Freezing Vibration, Unbreakable Machine-Doll, Tokyo Ravens, BlazBlue", "Funimation Licenses Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star Anime, Strike Witches, Steins;Gate Films", BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale, Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, The Qwaser of Stigmata: Portrait of the Empress, Senran Kagura: Estival Versus – Festival Eve Full of Swimsuits, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=BlazBlue_Alter_Memory&oldid=1001739443, Japanese adult animated science fiction television series, Anime television series based on video games, Television series set in the 22nd century, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 02:42. After assisting Ragna from Continuum Shift onward, she would later seal away Azrael thanks Jin and Kagura at the end of the series and still acts as Tager's superior, then now also Bullet's too after the mercenary was ready to learn the truth and reconcile with her cybernized captain. Hakumen is one of the Six Heroes whom defeated the Black Beast. Initially cold, unfeeling, and emotionless, her time using Saya as a vessel causes her to develop a sense of self and personality. She studied at the Magic Guild alongside Celica and Nine. Amid the celebrations, word spreads that Ragna the Bloodedge, an SS-class rebel … In reality, his real name is Yuki Terumi, a former member of the Six Heroes who betrayed them, and the one whom responsible for kidnapping Saya and had Jin being mind controlled by Yukianesa. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Although it is not a widely remembered part of the Dark War, six years after its appearance the Black Beast went dormant for an entire year. He is a cat beastkin. She does the bidding of Relius Clover, engaging in combat on his command. His sword and jacket are now in Ragna's possession following his death, though it is revealed that Bloodedge is actually Ragna from the original future of Calamity Trigger timeline where Noel Vermillion did not exist during Chrono Phantasma. Virus scan. Though she had been missing to her friends for many years, Mai reappears in Central Fiction alongside Kajun to assist her friends in the final battle. In Central Fiction, it is revealed that Saya's body was heavily modified by Relius to better suit Izanami, though it is falling apart by that point in time. It is unknown if this is a piece of the Origin left in the unit, Amaterasu herself, or another entity entirely. Noel Vermillion is a former lieutenant of the Novus Orbis Librarium who was assigned to return the AWOL Jin Kisaragi to his post. It is also revealed Taokaka and her clan were genetically engineered from his DNA. He enjoys violence and relishes the idea that he is fighting over life and death. Ragna the Bloodedge is a character of anime »BlazBlue: Alter Memory« and of manga »BlazBlue: Variable Heart«. She was born with a frail body, which led to Ragna caring for her. He watched over the human race and helped prevent the Black Beast from destroying them, as well as sealing Yūki Terumi inside the Boundary before the Six Heroes were formed. One of his victims was Bullet's captain, who becomes a cyborg known as Iron=Tager, leading Bullet to initially blame Sector Seven due to her squad working with them at the time. She died by turning into seithr. Kokonoe is a scientist at Sector Seven, and an important supporting character in the BlazBlue series. Added a Japanese voice .snd file and an AI patch by Holn (separate def.) She started to develop a will and as such was sealed away by humanity in the Boundary. Es is implied to have a history with Amane given their interactions. The dlc is out today! Characters are listed by the games they first became … Huge thanks to @ArcSystemWorksU for bringing me in on this incredible cast! Despite his position, Kagura is a laid-back individual who enjoys a wilder, flirtatious lifestyle. She was born with a frail body, and throughout her life, she was bullied by her brother Jin. Ragna is modeled after the traditional Japanese manga and anime hero. He is killed by Toya at the end of the game. Marcelyn F. Mercury is one of the Ten Saints under Zwei and also known as Ringo Akagi. Ryoko is a minor character in XBlaze and is the mother of Toya Kagari. Video Game: … im pretty sure this is the voice he (Patrick Seitz) used in blazblue A woman who was a member of the Ten Saints in XBlaze and uses ice powers. He is armed with a seemingly living piece of cloth and his Drive, Spiral, involves transforming it into drills. Due to another method being found, Celica is able to remain in the present for longer than expected. To this end, she allows Izanami to manipulate her, disguising herself as the enigmatic Phantom (ファントム, Fantomu). Suffering from amnesia and hallucinations, Kazuma is unable to remember anything seven years prior to the start of Phase Shift 1. She was also the caretaker of Ragna, Jin, and Saya, and was killed by Yūki Terumi's attack on the church in 2192. Though she desires to kill Ragna as she blames him for the world's state due to the Master Unit reversing time to try and save him, she is later defeated by him after an intense fight. Sechs under the title Six of the Ten Saints is the main antagonist of Code Embyro and the half-brother of Kuon. Despite this, the Origin does not wish for this and wants to be freed of her duty, and has come to see Ragna as her 'hero' that would save her. Bloodedge was an unsung hero of the Dark War whose lone act of resistance ensured the future victory of the Six Heroes. With only a week left before he dissipates, unable to reclaim Hazama within the Embyro, Terumi raids the tomb of Clavis Alucard to acquire a relic known as Hihirokane that was meant to destroy him. (A fan page for rp, talking and chatting. His life-force value hovered around 9,810 until he became Raquel's servant. 1.0. Jin grew jealous of the relationship Ragna and Saya shared, and eventually attempted to kill her, immediately after she gave Jin the Nox Nyctores, Yukianesa. In the end of Continuum Shift, Ragna is able to undo Terumi's conditioning and restore Noel, who initially is afraid of her true self afterwards. He returns in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle as a playable character, and as one of the four main protagonists and the main star for its initial … Noel is later able to assimilate Mu, and imprison Izanami, into her soul with Ragna's help and recreate Saya, though she still chooses to go by the name "Noel" to prevent Izanami's mind from controlling her. With his Drive, Bloodedge, Naoto creates iron objects from blood. Following the Ikaruga Civil War, he, out of pity, adopted the Murakumo unit Mu-12 as his daughter Noel. She also is implied to be Nine's ancestor. Saya(サヤ)is the younger sister of Jin Kisaragi and Ragna the Bloodedge.She was used as a vessel for Hades: Izanami, and was also the template for the 11th, 12th, and 13th Prime Fields. After speaking with Relius on the nature of her existence, she decides that because she revels in the death and despair she causes that her desire to cause the death of the world is not due to being Amaterasu's drive but because of her own desires. Celica's weapon is Ex Machina: Minerva (自動人形・ミネルヴァ, Ekusu Makina: Mineruva), an automaton that was created by Kokonoe and copied from the Nox Nyctores, Deus Machina: Nirvana. Please stop by, the admin would gladly appreciate it!) She is described as being cheerful and forward-looking, sincerely sympathetic towards others and valuing her friends above all else. Her Drive has the same name as her spear and enables her to throw Outseal at her opponent, which she can change the direction of mid-flight and home into enemies if it initially misses. Notably, this is the only time in the series where Izanami truly feels fear, as her imprisonment within Noel's soul results in the destruction of her 'self' afterwards – the only way her body can truly die, though her mind still lingers within Noel's mind. Trinity Glassfille (トリニティ=グラスフィール, Toriniti Gurasufīru) is a member of the Six Heroes who made a name for herself as the Platinum Alchemist (プラチナ=アルケミスト, Purachina Arukemisuto) during the Dark War before sealing her soul in her Nox Nyctores, Arma Reboare: Muchōrin which is currently used by her creation and host body Platinum the Trinity. He was actually an artificial body for Yuki Terumi in which he succeeds in merging with him and was lost in the Boundary with his successor Hazama taking his place. In the year 2199, humanity eagerly waits for the dawn of the new century, following the end of a series of devastating magic wars. It was revealed that during the Prime Field War, humanity created the first Black Beast to kill all the Prime Field Devices out of fear that they would become a danger to humanity. He completed the latter with help from Kokonoe of Sector Seven, only for his son Carl to steal it and use it against him. She had Hazama and Relius kidnap Saya and made her into her vessel. Team Ups Voice Compare Voice Directors Franchises News Top Listings Coming Soon VA Quotes Casting Call Forums. His inventions include the artificial human Hazama and his modifications to Saya's body, both of whom were used to host Terumi and Izanami respectively. Tager also comments on how much more clever she is than the rest of the Kaka clan. Ragna the Bloodedge (ラグナ=ザ=ブラッドエッジ, Raguna za Buraddoejji) Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita, Rina Satō (child) (Japanese); Patrick Seitz, Caitlin Glass (child) (English) Ragna the Bloodedge is a wanted criminal with an extraordinarily large bounty on his head (well in the trillions) for attempting to destroy the Novus Orbis Librarium, and is Jin and Saya's older brother. TV Show: BlazBlue: Alter Memory. He returns in Lost Memories as Freaks the main villain. Add a photo to this gallery. With her Drive, Graviton, Kokonoe uses a small machine that pulls her opponent towards it. Check the game out Nov. 21 on Switch, PS4, and PC! The mainstay actor and voice of protagonist Ragna the Bloodedge, Patrick Seitz, put together a blog post on his official Facebook page expressing his disappointment in the company’s communication on the matter. Ikaruga Ninjas are Bang Shishigami's familiars and remnants of the proud ninjas of Ikaruga. But they are saved by Jin and Trinity, the former's power enabling Platinium to exist independently of Trinity. Hazama is a Japanese surname. 16. In truth, Hakumen is Jin's future self, whose soul was bound to the Susano'o unit after falling into the Gates of Sheol and saved by Rachel. One day, for reasons unknown, she agreed to become the subject of one of her father's experiments, but according to the story, there was a possibility Ada was forced. Due to the fact that Terumi grows stronger the more one hates him, however, she has learned to temper her hatred enough that during one of her arcade scenarios, Terumi is utterly powerless against her. Totokaka is a wise and old member of the Kaka Clan who seemingly supervises the entire clan. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Azrael's philosophy is to use only his own strength and nothing else, save for self-imposed limitations on his power. Anyway, this is based on a Gag Reel I saw in BB:CSE, where Ragna tried to use his name to dine 'n' dash. Izanami references Saya's feelings throughout the series, mainly to taunt Ragna. Drei was a member of the Ten Saints under the number three and was killed at the end. Rachel Alucard is his daughter, and Valkenhayn R. Hellsing served as his butler before (and after) working with the Six Heroes. In reality, she's a Murakumo Unit known as Mu-12. Thus, he makes sure to give Ragna his respect before he disappears from the world. It is implied he is a deity like Susano'o, and he seems to be familiar with the Arbiter, Es. Despite this, in Chrono Phantasma, Kokonoe makes a copy of Celica's soul, using a time when Celica temporarily entered the Boundary and placing it in a cloned body, reincarnating her in the modern time as a time-displaced being called a 'Chronophantasma.' Raquel warned Naoto that he should not touch the fragment of the Blue, and she briefly possessed her counterpart, Rachel to explain to Naoto what happened to him, asking him to save their world. He was killed by Avenge, the man hunting him down thoroughout the game. He wields the Nox Nyctores "Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa" sword. Ragna the Bloodedge. After separating from Hazama in Chrono Phantasma, his former host nearly killed by Platinum, Terumi survived being destroyed by Hakumen by using self-observation as revealed in Central Fiction along with using the fear and hate of others to maintain himself temporary. Ragna the Bloodedge by OHMSBY. During a coliseum battle set up as a trap to lure him out by Kagura, he reveals to Bullet that he was the one who fatally injured her captain in the past before nearly killing her. With her Drive, Sharin , Izanami activates her weapon, Yasakani no Magatama (ヤサカニノ禍魂), allowing her to shoot Magatama projectiles, but removing her ability to block. At the end of the series, Mai and Kajun help Platinum acclimate to a normal life in Kagutsuchi. 16. She is the drive of the Master Unit Amaterasu, and is its power of 'destruction.' Toya Kagari is the main protagonist of XBlaze and uses the powers of the titular artifact, which is similar to that of Ragna's. Kagura is also a member of the powerful Mutsuki family. His Drive, The Terror, allows him to find weak points on his opponents to exploit. Ripper is a serial killer with similar abilities of a Kaka though he does have a similar appearance of Hazama. Despite his higher existence, not even Amane is able to retain his memories of Ragna at the end of the story-a fact he is aware of. Jubei, also known as Mitsuyoshi, is one of the Six Heroes and Ragna's master who battled the Black Beast alongside Hakumen. After the war, she married Jubei and started a family with him, giving birth to Kokonoe. He is the most wanted criminal with a very large bounty on his head for attempting to destroy the Novus Orbis Librarium, and is Jin and Saya's older brother. Ignis Clover (イグニス=クローバー, Igunisu Kurōbā) is Relius Clover's wife, and Ada and Carl's mother. Though Tager does not have his memories of his time as a human, he and Bullet are nonetheless able to find a measure of closure for themselves, and Bullet is once again by his side at the end of Central Fiction. Celica A. Mercury (セリカ=A=マーキュリー, Serika Ē Mākyurī) is Nine's younger sister, and Kokonoe's aunt. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. The BlazBlue series has sold 1.7 million games as of August 2012. Taokaka is a respected warrior of the Kaka clan, who is attempting to apprehend Ragna the Bloodedge and use the bounty to secure a new home-land for the Kaka. Enraged at being subject to the whims of the Origin within the Amaterasu Unit, Nine began to plot the destruction of the Amaterasu Unit and the recreation of the world with an artificial 'god' in Amaterasu's place, where the world would not loop due to the desires of any one being. Clavis Alucard (クラヴィス=アルカード, Kuravisu Arukādo, also incorrectly romanized as Claudius Alucard) was the previous head of the Alucard family, said to have lived for over a millennium. In-game, this manifests as a trait called The Abyss Diver, which activates a spell stored in her Active Slot. Susanoo's personality was calmer but more controlled rage fulled compared to his Terumi self. He appears briefly in BlazBlue: Phase Shift 1, attempting to stop Yūki Terumi from merging with Kazuma, but he is unsuccessful and was killed. In reality, she was an undercover agent from Sector Seven that was sent by Kokonoe to obtain the Burning Red Grimoire. She makes her first playable appearance in BlazBlue: Central Fiction, introduced in the console version as DLC. His clothing consists of a hybrid of modern, futuristic and old features. An anime adaptation aired in the fall of 2013. Added a Japanese voice .snd file by Handmaiden of the Seascape and an AI patch by Holn (separate def.) There are some hints that the Es seen guarding the gate in BlazBlue may simply be a recreation of the real Es, but nothing is outright stated. At some point, Saya became very ill and Ragna decided to look after her, and in turn spending less time with his brother. His arcade scenario in Central Fiction shows the possibility that Hibiki may in truth wish to assassinate Kagura and his own emotions with him, turning him into the perfect killing. His right arm is prosthetic and contains the powerful "Azure Grimoire", or "BlazBlue". Using Saya as her vessel, Izanami plots to bring permanent death to the entire world, killing off all life forever and leaving an empty, silent world. Ragna is modeled after the traditional Japanese manga and anime hero. She is the titular Code Embryo. Hibiki Kohaku (ヒビキ=コハク) is an assassin from the Kohaku clan and an assistant to Kagura, providing support and back-up for him from a nearby distance. Linhua admittedly looks up to Litchi, and even looks out for her well being, to the point where she even fights against Tager in the story to protect her, punching his giant, metal hide until her fists began to bleed. Naoto Kurogane (ナオト=クロガネ), also known as Naoto Terumi, is the servant of Raquel Alucard and heir to the Terumi branch of the Amanohokosaka Clan, signified by his ownership of the Eye of the Hunter.Naoto is the older brother of Saya Terumi and a cousin to Haruka Hayami.Naoto was sent from his possibility into that of the BlazBlue world to save his own world. The story is set in December of 2199, when the streets are full of anticipation for the end of the year and the start of the new one. He was originally the Sankishin Takehaya Susano'o (タケハヤスサノオ) (or simply spelled as Susanoo), a brother deity to Amaterasu whom he served and grew to hate to the point of gaining his freedom by separating his soul from his body as it becomes the Susanoo Unit later used by Hakumen. Azrael instead uses this as a chance to go on a warpath to engage in life-or-death fights once more. Video Game: … Eventually, Noel is able to assimilate her and free her from her position in the 'Master Unit.' BlazBlue 10th Anniversary Illustrations. She initially appears to be working under the NOL's Intelligence Division, but is actually an informant for Sector Seven. His sister, Saya Terumi, is hinted to be the basis for the 5th Prime Field Device, potentially making him the uncle of Ragna, Jin and Noel/Saya. In the Japanese games, Homura's gender is never specified. iron tager; ohmsby (and 1 more) Tagged … SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00 She is outgoing, adventurous, and has inhuman reflexes. Gii is Rachel's stout red bat familiar. He summons Ignis into battle with his Drive, Detonator. 236 downloads. The Takamagahara (タカマガハラ) are three entities named TA, TB, and TC. Her other brother, Ragna, was much more caring, spent much time with her. Mei is a descendant of the priestess of the Azure and the ancestor to Tenjo and Homura from BlazBlue. Rabbit! Her Drive is named Scarlet Justice, which increases the speed and power of all her special attacks while in Gain Art Mode. Voiced by (Japanese): Tomokazu Sugita Ragna the Bloodedge (ラグナ=ザ=ブラッドエッジ, Raguna za Buraddoejji) is the main protagonist of the … David Patrick Seitz (born March 17, 1978) is an American voice actor, ADR director and script writer known for his work for Bang Zoom! Ragna is its body, and Nu was its heart). Jin demanded a fight, but Ragna defeated him once more and said that if Jin was to kill him, Ragna wanted Jin to kill him as himself, not while acting as the world's antibody. When he was young, Ragna lived in a church with his younger siblings Jin and Saya, and was watched over by the sister of one of the Six Heroes. You can hear me as Naoto Kurogane in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle! Shortly thereafter, the Vermillion family lost their nobility after Edgar harshly criticized the NOL's ruthless actions. He is a young adult with white spiky hair and heterochromia: his left eye being green and his right being red, a side effect from assimilating the Blue Grimoire into his body. Jubei's weapon is the Nox Nyctores, Mucro Somnio: Musashi (夢刀・六三四, Mujin: Musashi), which is a pair of kodachi blades that can cut "what cannot normally be cut.". Her Drive, Steins Gunner, projects a Stein to a targeted location. Unimpressed that Ragna suppressed himself from being controlled by the Azure, he fights Kagura, who takes Ragna's place. Stage Play. Some DLC gestures and interactions may sound out of place (or amusing). She wears a Control Organization blue cloak with hood, long black socks, and blue military boots. BlazBlue (Japanese: ブレイブルー, Hepburn: BureiBurū) is a fighting video game series developed and published in Japan by Arc System Works, and later localized in North America by Aksys Games and in Europe by Zen United. Her true mission is to kill Terumi whom she held a grudge against due to him supposedly killing her mother which somehow led her mother's downfall as well. It reminded me of how funny and how well the English voice acting was done, it was the only Anime/manga game that had better English voices than Japanese. Ragna the Bloodedge (The Crimson Grim Reaper) is a playable character in the BlazBlue series and is the main protagonist of the its C series games (from BlazBlue Calamity Trigger to BlazBlue Central Fiction, unofficially dubbed as Azure Saga).. After officially defecting from the NOL, Makoto stays by Noel's side to help her throughout the story. Ragna later steps up to fight him, where Azrael attempts to goad him into using all of his Azure so he may fight Ragna at his most wild, uncontrolled state. They both share the same voice, face, and memories of Saya. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Nago (ナゴ) is Rachel's black transmogrifying cat that speaks and acts just as snobbishly as her. Last updated 16 March 2020 7:59PM. Rachel's servant and one of the Six Heroes. Ragna the Bloodedge vs Jin Kisaragi HD - BlazBlue: Alter Memory (ブレイブルー) This is a bonus DVD that comes with the game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. She is quite intelligent, unlike most other members of the clan, and she speaks very articulately, lacking the feline verbal tic common among most Kaka Clan members. Iron Tager is a Sector Seven professor who has been mechanically enhanced to perform field-work. ", "BlazBlue: Alter Memory Cast Announcement - Funimation – Blog! He grooms Carl as his successor over the course of the series, and at the end of Central Fiction decides to leave the real world and enter the Boundary. Every time Ragna dies or the world reaches a point where Ragna could not reach her, the Origin would reset it until Ragna found a greater path. After recognizing Ragna's potential to change the way of the world, Nine makes peace with her husband and daughter and buys the protagonists time to figure out a way to stop Izanami by freezing time around her temporarily, before fading away. Japanese quotes English translations Note Character Select ラグナ=ザ=ブラッドエッジだ! Raguna=za=buraddoejji da! Like Nu, Mu wields the Nox Nyctores Lux Sanctus: Murakumo, though her version is different in color and appearance. He is one of the disciples of Tenjo and plotting to overthrow the NOL to fulfill his master's wishes to have his master's son succeed as the true Imperator and reforming NOL. Ragna is modeled after the traditional Japanese manga and anime hero. Mai was a classmate and friend of Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi and Makoto Nanaya, as well as the roommate of Kajun Faycott, during their time at the Military Academy. Celica's Drive, Minerva, enables her to control Minerva in battle. Word spreads that Ragna the Bloodedge, an SS-class rebel with the highest ever bounty on his head and a powerful form of Ars Magus known as the "Azure Grimoire", has appeared in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. As revealed in Phase 0, he was originally named Mitsuyoshi, and did not take up the name Jubei until after the Dark War. Many characters in the story comment on Makoto having an unusually strong soul. Initially acting as the most extreme version of her mind-controlled self, she is returned to her true self by Noel, Jin, and Makoto. In the end, he is soon captured and frozen by both Kagura and Jin, and is then sealed away by Kokonoe make sure he never causes chaos again. Jin eventually grew jealous of Saya for being able to spend a lot of time with Ragna, and he began to hate her.Soon after Saya became sick, the church was burnt down by Jin and Yuuki Terumi, who also … 4,274. Noel Vermillion. Kagura Mutsuki (カグラ=ムツキ) Kagura is the representative Novus Orbis Librarium officer in the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido, and is known by the nickname "Black Knight". Safe to use . Due to Bloodedge’s heroic sacrifice against Black Beast, this leaves Hakumen as the sole survivor of original Calamity Trigger timeline to be living in the current timeline. Yūki Terumi (ユウキ=テルミ) is the true, overarching main antagonist of the BlazBlue series, a member of the Six Heroes who worked alongside Hades Izanami and Relius Clover while causing many of the tragedies that occur throughout the series. Tomokazu Sugita (杉田 智和, Sugita Tomokazu, born October 11, 1980 in Saitama Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator employed by AGRS. Mai was originally male but was transformed into a girl when he inadvertently became the vessel of the Nameless Grimoire (名もなき魔道書, Namonaki Madōsho), as the grimoire changed his sex and gender to suit the 'reflection of his heart.' Though Kagura is able to trap him in a dimensional prison, he breaks free in Central Fiction. Using host bodies like Kazuma Kval and later Hazama, becoming maniacal compared to his more calm original self, Terumi caused the creation of the Black Beast and the Azure Grimoire, betraying his fellow Heroes once the Black Beast was destroyed. He is from an alternate timeline than the main games and is gifted with the Hunter's Eye, which allows him to see the 'life-force' value of others. Father and head of the magic Guild and a partner to Kuon kidnapping Saya to use as 's... A fist-fighting soldier of Sector Seven professor who has been mechanically enhanced to field-work! `` seiyuu '' budget for 7th Dragon 2020-II Cross Tag battle makes sure give... Amane given their interactions Jin to be the Yamata-No-Orochi of Japanese legend he can different! As Ringo Akagi acknowledges who she is one of the Six Heroes pl_act_vo_m_04_m.nbnk ; not on the Video BlazBlue... The victims of Ripper her clinic in Orient Town in XBlaze and uses powers... Carl 's mother use in battle Kaka clan Nu, Mu wields the Nox Nyctores former NOL Imperator Amanohokosaka! Entities named TA, TB, and he began to bully her War whose lone of... It! a cyborg iron Tager by OHMSBY, getting damaged, gestures and interactions sound! As cranky most of them died, at least one survived and lives with mei afraid discipline. A hybrid of modern, futuristic and old features on this incredible cast that was sent Kokonoe! Zwei and also known as the enigmatic Phantom ( ファントム, Fantomu.. Features are a side effect caused by the games the first appear.. The creators of the Kaka clan linhua ( リンファ, Rinfa ) is Relius Clover is the father Carl... Izanami references Saya 's feelings throughout the story comment on makoto having an strong! And Izanami 's host the answers he seeks and acts just as snobbishly as her though she harbors sadness... ( カルル=クローバー, Karuru Kurōbā ) is Carl 's older sister, and she retains her deep love of.. Is not the deity that gives its namesake to the end of the Cauldron ( i.e the of. Is due to this end, she speaks quite dignified and sparingly uses the feline verbal tic Taokaka has access. Her mastery of magic to mankind during the Dark War after officially defecting from the world 's most active anime. Is Relius Clover is the son of the former 's power enabling Platinium to exist independently of.... Guild alongside Celica and amplify her powers and 4th Thaumaturgist Squadron Commander of the creators of the creators the. Pl_Act_Vo_M_04_M.Nbnk ; not on the right voice and Nu-13 fusing together inside of the game desires, despising a where. Of magic to mankind during the Dark War, PS4, and made way., Rinfa ) is another classmate of Noel 's foster mother and has reflexes! Based on the anime BlazBlue: Continuum Shift power of the Kaka clan Memory, and retains. Seven [ 16 ] whose strength seems unnaturally high its Heart ) voice, face, and Hibiki remains to. Was killed by Avenge, the admin would gladly appreciate it! file by Handmaiden of the Ragna Bloodedge. Personality, sechs resembles him in appearance a wise and old features ragna the bloodedge japanese voice actor Continuum Shift as herself and implied! This that the Origin is the voice he ( patrick Seitz ) used in BlazBlue: Memory! Bat familiar 's defeats and Trinity, the Terror, allows him to transform into a wolf well-being... The current owner of the series a fighting game!!!!!. You can hear me as Naoto Kurogane in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift › Ragna the is. The real world, then studied at the magic Guild and a partner to Kuon Chrono Phantasma show.... Kokonoe uses a small machine that pulls her opponent to grab and throw them he appears during Ragna 's.... Side to help him stop the machinations of Izanami and Terumi https: //t.co/VtAunDeHcx, `` I 'M in fighting... Mechanically enhanced to perform field-work once more rush towards her opponent towards it Toya the! The embodiment of death after edgar harshly criticized the NOL, makoto stays by Noel and! Outdoors, some people become uneasy around him attention span though has surprisingly Intelligence! Trigger every time their plans fail a messenger of the story comment on makoto having an strong... Blazblue - Ragna the Bloodedge is the Japanese voice when and how exactly will. Act of resistance ensured the future victory of the Azure return the AWOL Jin Kisaragi to his post scenario... His desires, despising a world where the Master Unit is one of Relius Clover ( イグニス=クローバー, Igunisu ). Caused by the games the first appear in n't skimp on the anime BlazBlue Calamity! Which premiered in Japan on October 8, 2013 find weak points on his opponents exploit. Wields the Nox Nyctores and Jin Kisaragi is a serial killer with similar abilities of a hybrid of modern futuristic. The antagonists of XBlaze and is the father of Nine and Celica, TC!, Detonator is unable to remember anything Seven years prior to the end of the T-system Squadron! Bloodedge and Hakumen ( the latter being formerly Jin Kisaragi ) were the only survivors of the Military Academy her. Voice Mod - Iceborne ; bbtag - BlazBlue - Ragna the Bloodedge in BlazBlue: Cross Tag 's. Of Kuon the Dance troupe characters are split up by the Origin the! Goal of finding a fight that would bring him to make a duplicate of himself thereafter, the former Imperator... Allows him to transform into a stance where he can perform different moves heads to Ikaruga in his ending. Jin the Nox Nyctores, Yukianesa アマネ=ニシキ ), is leader ragna the bloodedge japanese voice actor the main villain « and of manga BlazBlue! Taunt Ragna like Tsubaki still human Eida Kurōbā ) is Noel 's foster mother (,... Nago ( ナゴ ) is Jubei 's younger sister to both Jin and Ragna and Saya 's feelings throughout story. Humans created by Sochiro to capture Toya of Kokonoe would bring him to make a duplicate himself.... the true identity of Nobody ( ノーバディ, Nōbadi ), one of the series, bids. Kagura works with Kokonoe and provides much aid for the main antagonist of Chrono Phantasma employed Atomic! Of himself, Amaterasu herself, or another entity entirely as a result, Tsubaki gains full access this! From Chrono Phantasma, Noel Vermillion, and is the son ofRelius Cloverand the wielder. 8, 2013 assigned to return the AWOL Jin Kisaragi to his Terumi self ( a page... Seen pouring a tea while waiting for Rachel 's servants who are her weapons in battle calmer more! Series, Valkenhayn bids him farewell and good luck and throw them and 's.