Once in this fine cruising area, kick back into cruising mode and enjoy the area for as long as the water stays warm and the Northers don’t blow. The 35 Cabo Express is a boat any sportfisherman will recognize as one of the best fishing vessels ever made. Please let us know any special requests. Not too many years ago, foreign boats were supposed to leave every six months. Sometimes agencies or marinas that do paperwork for a fee are able to get the rules interpreted differently. Throwing the anchor and rode over the side in a bundle while still moving forward is a recipe for disaster. If you’ve got a generator or like to play your stereo loud, remember that noise carries great distances over water. And don’t forget the windlass and chafe gear. Two winters ago, for instance, we checked out of Cabo for San Diego – then showed up in Mazatlan. It made perfect sense to them and was no problemo. Private flights to and from Cabo San Lucas with evoJets. If you really like to mosey, skip the Sea of Cortez and don’t sail south of Manzanillo. Each year, at the end of October, around 150 boats make the 750-mile voyage from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with stops at the small Mexican settlements of Tortuga Bay and Bahia Santa Maria. A couple of years ago, we used Charlie’s Ixtapa / Z-town ‘chartlet’ to make a nighttime approach to Z-town. 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Booze is cheap in Mexico and the climate is conducive to sipping all day and half the night. Of course, even the biggest anchor and strongest rode won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use them. (619) 582-0700. info*sandiegoboatmovers.com. One is the Sea of Cortez, where the air and water are not tropical in the winter. Locate Cabo boat dealers in CA and find your boat at Boat Trader! In the first half of 2010 we lived in our sailboat at Marina Coral & Hotel in Ensenada, Mexico, just 70 miles south of San Diego while we outfitted our boat for cruising. If your boat is not a U.S. documented vessel, you must carry registration papers and a bill of sale or other proof of ownership. FOR EXAMPLE, THE GIRLS MIGHT BE MORE INTO JUST SOAKING UP THE SUN AND GOING FOR A SWIM, WHILE THE GUYS MAY WANT TO FISH OR GO SNORKELING. Please let us know any special requests. No matter what kind of boat you take to Mexico, check to make sure her basic features, systems and emergency gear are in good working order. Your charter is custom designed to give you the experience you want. Twenty-Year Import Permit. Your final stop will be the Port Captain’s Office. The fishing pangas run on gas, but they don't have much around. True, it’s about 1,400 miles south of San Diego and 780 miles south of Cabo, but few cruisers who’ve gone the distance regret it. To our mind, there’s nothing like the look, feel and romance of original charts – which unfortunately run $15 or more. Six Month Itinerary. It’s easy to save 35% to 70% on select activities, dining and restaurant, shopping, rental cars and more. Immigration will tell you if and where. Both are ideal for having guests aboard, as they can be covered in a week, and there are airports at both ends of each. See Jack Williams’ Baja Guide for the best shelters for the different conditions. After all, you’re better off discovering that the steering cable needs replacement at the dock in California than at 0200 off of Cedros Island when it’s blowing 30 and everyone is already seasick. The magazine has a searchable and cross-indexed database of over 3,300 articles and 6,000 photographs, including 550 photo galleries. Electronic charts offer several advantages, but a ‘hard copy’ backup of some sort is essential. Lots of cruisers take a ‘vacation’ from cruising in August and September when it’s so very hot in the Sea of Cortez. One Year Itinerary. MexConnect is Mexico’s top English-language online magazine, providing quality information about Mexico and promoting Mexico to the world. Mazatlan is affected by only the strongest Northers, while Cabo is immune because of tall mountains. But while both refrigeration and watermakers are great, remember that in addition to their initial cost, they’ll also increase demands on your boat’s electrical supply and your maintenance time. From Cabo south the wind get very light towards Bahia Banderdas (Puerto Vallarta) and from Cabo Corrientes (just south of PV) the wind is for all purposes non-existent. Iridium satellite phones are now defunct, but Qualcomm-Globalstar has a new satellite system we’ll be testing during the Ha-Ha. If you can successfully anchor in the Channel Islands or Hawaii, Mexico will be a cinch. But don’t even think of pulling out your American Express platinum card – or even traveller’s checks – at some little bodega . In fact, do yourself a favor and stay out of authentic cantinas. (*For an FCC license you need to complete form FCC 506. Respect the fact that most cruisers appreciate tranquility. Banderas Bay has the most consistent sailing breeze in Mexico. In our opinion, you need a top-quality dinghy with an outboard powerful enough to plane while carrying the number of people in your crew. Sometimes the best thing cruisers can do after a couple of months is take a ‘vacation’ from cruising. 3) Reefing Madness. 6) Health Kick. The keys to enjoying cruising are realizing that it takes time to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle and to sloooooow down. You will probably be able to sail from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas without having to power much. Several folks who have done circumnavigations tell us that this is the best 12 months to be found anywhere in the world. "The crew made the whole sailing experience wonderful - we saw whales, had a great lunch, and a nice little snorkel stop at a beach - we would definitely recommend them for your next adventure." This is a terrific fuel stop—Hills Boat Service on Balboa Peninsula offers a double whammy of low prices and full service. From Mazatlan, we recommend hauling butt south so that you make it to Z-town for Christmas and New Year’s. We sailed Mexico from 2010 to 2013, and our cruise began on the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico. Look for the places that have a large number of anchorages close together, which would mean you never have to wander too far from shelter. Most Mexican officials are pretty flexible. Guns and Drugs. So what looks like an enormous anchor and monster rode sitting on a shelf in a chandlery looks like toy stuff when trying to hold a 12-ton boat off a lee shore in a 40-knot blow. The penalties for being caught with even a small amount of pot are severe, and Mexican courts don’t let the accused or their lawyers jive ass their way out of situations the way U.S. courts do. Be warned also, that while GPS is very accurate, hard charts sold today are often based on data that is more than 100 years old, and are not accurate. Insurance. However, since the Sea of Cortez pretty much runs north-south for about 550 miles, there is great variation in the effect of Northers and the air temperature. Fortunately, in any large Mexican tourist area there are designated bars for Americans to get drunk and behave like complete idiots. In addition, it is important to note that it is illegal for non-Mexicans to fish using ANY type of net, so don’t get seduced by the magic of sunset net-casting. The majority of first-time cruisers to Mexico greatly underestimate the electrical needs of all the new gear they’ve had installed. Coromuels come up in the middle of the night and blow out of La Paz – and into the normally protected coves of Isla Partida. Water Temperatures. While some may disagree with us, we think it’s best to leave San Diego immediately after the end of the hurricane season. They’re not cheap, so catch lots of fish. You can’t conduct business on ham radio, so if you have an SSB/Ham combo, nonprofit SailMail – developed by racer/cruisers Stan Honey and Jim Corenman of Northern California – is perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to send e-mail around the Pacific and – depending on the propagation – to the Caribbean. Yes, it requires covering quite a few miles. When you want to leave, or if you change crew, you get to do the dance all over again. Most Annoying Wind. Whether you’re here on a vacation or live here permanently, a Private Charter with Mai Tai San Diego Yacht Charter is the perfect getaway for you and your group. The hurricane season in Mexico is roughly from June 1 until October 31. The other area is – depending on your standard of warmth – from Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta south, where it’s always tropically warm. If you’re a couple, be more forgiving of one another than normal, for both of you have all kinds of new responsibilities and anxieties. But when you venture off into ‘real’ Mexico, you should avoid hassles by dressing conservatively. It’s the greatest. See if you can make it through an entire month without spending a centavo. You really need to run on diesel, not gasoline, in Mexico. Banderas Bay has wonderful sailing conditions, a variety of great destinations within the Bay, and a city, Puerto Vallarta, that has just about everything you could need – and all the social life you can handle. Marine Group Services Peter Horner +52 (624) 105 6500 phorner@marinegroupbw.com cabosales@marinegroupbw.com Copyright © 1996–2021 MexConnect & respective authors.    ¦   ISSN #1028-9089   ¦  , https://wxp.atm.purdue.edu/hurricane/e_pacific/index.html, Doing business in Mexico: general legal, business & entry issues, Cool and refreshing: Mexican summer soups, Catemaco: Mexico’s cradle of sorcery and witchcraft, Linguistic and cultural language puzzles in Mexico, Sayulita – a memoir by Robert Richter (Aakenbaaken & Kent, 2020), Foreign artists influence Mexican culture and vice versa, If Walls Could Talk: Chapala’s historic buildings and their former occupants, Choice Cut Or Mystery Meat? A "TRUE" Sports Fishing Machine. Recently (I think starting last year or the year before) they started welcoming powerboats for the trip. In either case, folks arriving by boat are invariably given a tourist card that’s good for six months. We think that both refrigeration and watermakers are worth it, but it’s possible to have a great cruise without them. Between Montezuma’s revenge and the lack of well-stocked restrooms, it never hurts to carry a little on your person. These can be obtained in advance of travel from a Mexican Consulate (1549 India St. San Diego, CA 619-231-8414) or many Southland travel agencies. Being back in the States for a week or two is usually enough to send once reluctant cruisers scurrying back to their boats. San Diego captains is your complete marine captain service based in San Diego California. A foot of chop, maybe, and almost no … As Einstein noted, everything is relative. It blows about 15 knots almost every day from about 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Summer can be very warm – August and September are hot as Hades – but lots of folks still love it. When you charter a yacht in cabo san lucas, soaking up the sun is just one of many exciting activities you can be a part of. This wasn’t proper, of course, but we smiled and explained to the officials that we decided we’d much rather be in Mazatlan than in San Diego. But be prepared for policy changes too. And it’s useless to practice at the dock, because it’s an entirely different experience during a storm at night at sea. We look forward to cruising with you. Z-town wins hands down. Whenever you stop at an official port of entry – if sailing from Southern California, the first will almost certainly be Ensenada, Cedros Island, San Carlos (inside Mag Bay) or Cabo San Lucas – you’re required to clear in and clear out with Immigration, the Port Administration – if there is one – and the Port Captain. Before heading south of the border, the skipper and crew should review all the boat’s emergency gear, systems, and engine controls. San Diego to Turtle Bay